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Webbcox welcomes you to technology write for us on any tech-related topics like gadgets, digital marketing, web design, web development, etc. Experienced writers and guest bloggers who have some relevant and informational topics that they want to share with a large audience can follow the below methods and submit their technology guest post. We will thoroughly check your content and publish it on our website as soon as possible.

Webbcox is looking for new Write For Us Guest Authors who can share content on topics like Online Marketing Specialist, Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet Of Things), Business Strategies, Digital Marketing Specialist etc.


How to submit your articles for Guest Post?

In order to technology write for us @Webbcox, you are firstly required to pitch us to showcase your expertise and writing skills. Feel free to email us at webbcoxblog@gmail.com, we will be happy to serve you.
You can drop your email with the subsequent info
Email Subject as “technology write for us”, “write for us technology” or “Guest Posts at Webbcox”

  • Author Bio
  • Article
  • Relevant Image

If you have any queries regarding guest post services then feel free to reach us through through contact us form or directly email us on the email id mentioned above.


Write For Us Technology – Categories We Accept

If you are an expert in writing in the below topics then you can send your pitches. We deeply analyze your content before publishing it with us so be careful with that.
Do not trick us by submitting AI tool generated or any outdated content!!

  • Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Technology News
  • Digital Trends
  • Digital Marketing, & SEO
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Technology News
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Data Science and Growth Hacking
  • Blogging Tips & Tricks
  • Gadgets
  • Mobile Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet
  • Business News
  • SEO Audit Tools
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Marketing Tools
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Web Technologies (Web Design, Web Development)
  • Software Programming
  • Gadgets


Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Original Content
Content that you would be sharing must be original and is not published elsewhere, Plagiarised content is strictly not allowed.

Free From Errors
Make sure that content you are submitting should be free from any typos or grammatical errors.

AI tool generated content is not acceptable
Provide 100% handwritten human text with us, not the one that is generated by using various AI Tools

Content should be of somewhat in between 1000 and 2,000 words in length.

Self Promoting Content is not acceptable
Include relevant links in the blog that you will get published from us instead of using self-promotional links. There should not be affiliate links either.

Correct SEO Format
You need to follow SEO guidelines before sharing your content with us including content quality, keyword density, heading tags, sentence length, etc.

Proper Use of Headings
Share proper structural content with us by making proper use of headings (H1, H2 etc)

Share Proper Images
Share proper images with the content, you can also share infographics relevant to your submitted article.

If you are fine with the above-mentioned guidelines then you can approach us via weecox@gmail.com.


Write For Us Technology Benefits

Increase Your Domain Authority
Contributing an article to our website will boost your domain authority and improve blog statistics.

Expect Better Traffic
Quality content to our website helps to increase your website traffic and boost blog value which in turn will improve your search engine rankings.

Generate More Leads
More traffic to your blog in turn increases your website users which in turn will increase your website leads and sales.

Increase Social Media Presence
We will share your content on our social media platforms that in turn will increase your social media visibility.


How To Become Webbcox Contributor?

Sharing your knowledge and expertise with your engaging audience is very simple. You can discuss your article ideas with us by simply drafting an email to us on the mentioned email id with your email subject, company name, job title, and your previously published content Url’s to our Webbcox editorial team.


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