10 Crypto Trends that Will Change the World for the Better

Crypto Trends

There’s no doubt about it—Cryptocurrencies changed the world for the better. Beyond opening the public’s eyes to their capabilities when it comes to making personal financial choices, to actually giving them the opportunities to realize life at its fullest beyond financial freedom, Cryptocurrencies are but one of the few pieces of tech in our history that would cement itself as one of, if not the greatest advancement ever made in the face of mankind.

One thing that sets Cryptocurrency apart from other tech advancements is how it gives way for progress from other fields to be made. It imparts its best qualities and capabilities to other industries, making them even better than before!

In that regard, let’s talk about 10 cryptocurrency trends, both here and upcoming, that have the potential to change the world for the better!


Cryptocurrency-The Technology to Change the World!

All these years the cryptocurrency industry has gone from being a typical but revolutionary solution to digital payment, to this trillion-dollar industry that houses multiple facets of technological advancements that we enjoy today. All of this thanks to the open-source nature of the space, as well as the thousands of dedicated developers, enthusiasts, and millions of supporters who saw the potential it could provide the world if it gets to where it needs to be.

Thus, it’s not a surprise to assume that once again, the field where technology and innovation meets is through cryptocurrencies. Vying to change the way we harness the Internet of Things and more, let’s talk about a few of the potential technological advancements from the industry we love the most, and how each could impact the way we see the world from then on!


Crypto Trends to Change the World

Keep in mind that there’s no order of relevance when this list was curated, so each of these trends could surely impact the virtual and real world as much as the other.

Without further ado, let’s hop into this rabbit hole!


Crypto Banking

Providing opportunities for places that are underbanked (those that do not have traditional banks nearby), as well as effectively acting as a better alternative to traditional banking, Crypto Banking offers the potential for everyone to participate and contribute to the global economy, by providing them with the tools and leeways they need to safely bank, and manage their funds!


While not seeing much notice lately, the power of the Metaverse is still something that most large-scale infrastructures on the Internet respects and looks after. Promising a virtual world filled with infinite possibilities for gaming, corporate, and more, the Metaverse is not just Virtual Reality, it’s a step up from VR, with even more potential than what you can imagine!



Posing as the third phase of the internet that is user-centric, and is focused around ownership and democracy on the Internet, Web3.0 is one of those cryptocurrency trends that is really bound to change the world we live in from the get-go. With multiple implications ranging from Social Media, Data Collection and Privacy, as well as Gaming, FinTech, Business and even Sciences, Web3.0 promises to transform how we look, behave, and interact with the Internet, by giving us all the tools and capabilities that we need!


NFTs and Tokenization

The tokenization of real-world items is becoming closer than most of us assume. Thanks to the revolutionary potential of the NFT industry when it comes to endowing virtual items with value and use case, Digital Itemization, Auctioning, Sale and Purchase, as well as e-commerce will change as the industry progresses even more.

As of the moment, the NFT industry has taken hold of the Gaming World, thanks to revolutionary features like P2E (Play-to-Earn) that gives users the financial leverage while enjoying their favorite on-chain video games! With even more features on the way, the NFT industry is bound to cement itself once again as one of the most important innovations that the cryptocurrency industry fathered!


Blockchain Implementation

In connection to Web3.0, the implementation of Blockchain Technology over anything that could collect data assures every user of the internet with transparent, immutable, and recordable information that gives them all the power that they need over their own data.

Furthermore, the implementation of Blockchain over the fields of Science and Technology offers a multitude of potential applications that are beyond the grasps of Cryptocurrency, but could still be traced back to this revolutionary piece of technology!


IDO and Crowdfunding

Expected to be the new and improved version of Crowdfunding, IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) promises the safety and security of funds for investors who want to help ambitious projects and concepts, while giving the developers all the leverage they need to turn their visions into reality!

Ido launchpad like Adlunam .who not only offers the best IDO solutions the industry could offer, but provides full-on support for ambitious projects who wish to grow their community and build meaningful connections with their supporters hasten the adoption of this new age of crowdfunding amongst the masses.

What’s even greater about IDO is it doesn’t just offer potential benefits to projects within the Cryptocurrency Industry. Projects and concepts from other markets are welcome to try IDO platforms or its derivatives to gain the proper support and funding that they need to stand out!


Decentralized Computing

The future of computing and data management comes from the world of cryptocurrency. Thanks to projects that champion Decentralized Cloud Computing, the dream of experiencing faster, safer, and more reliable computing capabilities is now in the hands of infrastructures that deserve it!

The importance of Computing in the world run by the Internet and machines cannot be emphasized. In order for innovation to happen, powerful computers and computing capabilities must first be invented and made available, as without it the necessary power wouldn’t be accessible.

Pooling of data processing through Decentralized Cloud Computing is seen as one of the most efficient answers to this dilemma, as it gives everyone the chance to not only be part of Tech history, but be rewarded while doing it too, thanks to cryptocurrency, and democratic features!


Digital Trust

With the emergence of Secure Infrastructures housed by blockchain technology, an ever-increasing trust and confidence of all users is noticeable these past few years. This leads to more infrastructures, businesses, and companies striking partnerships with blockchain solution providers which in turn, is poised to make the whole industry safer, secure, and more efficient!

Furthermore, bad actors whose aim is to take advantage of the public’s gullibility will experience even lesser opportunities to commit digital crimes, and may even face stricter sanctions once caught!


New Age Identity

The introduction of Cryptocurrencies in the space has led to a shift in the priority of the people when it comes to protecting their identity. Thanks to the immutable and anonymous nature of crypto, people are given the chance to protect how they portray themselves on the internet, while maintaining a relative amount of audience!

This spells exciting improvements in the content creation world, as well as the influencer industry as it helps them protect their identities and personal identifiable information, with no compromise on their following, internet identity, and avenues for exposure!



Dubbed as the next generation of payment and compensation on the Digital World, Micropayments promises to offer compensation and payment features to the most granular of contents, thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The existence of Micropayments will serve the content creation industry as well as artists, musicians, and influencers, as this allows them to monetize their creations directly and without the need for intermediaries without delays too! Which in turn gives them all the leverage they need to continue putting out informative, relevant, and necessary content for all their supporters to enjoy!

While there’s no telling what the Cryptocurrency World is about to foster, the continuous evolution and development of this revolutionary technology unlocks new possibilities for everyone to enjoy and make use of.

Projects that champion these potential game-changing trends like Adlunam are but a testament to how much prowess this industry holds when given the proper opportunity and leverage, so whether you’re a creator, an enthusiast, or an investor, take pride in knowing that the cryptocurrency world is no longer just coins and HODL and earning stupendous amounts of money, it’s grown from that phase and is now fostering the world’s biggest technological trends that could change the way we look at the Internet and beyond!

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